i was part of a four EP 2 set disc from 96
I was trying to get heavy tones and find my own sound in the mix ot the grunge era.
I tried to blend heavy with progresive and straing tunning.

something different and helped build my concepts towards the Music of the Bible.
You think your life is closing in.
Want to turn the page and start again.
Soon you will realize my friend, you're denied.
Iiiiiii, I'll take you, I will make you mine, iiiii.

I can be your alter ego.
I can tell you which way to go.
I'll keep you walking in the shadows, so blind.
Iiiiii, I'll take you, I will bring you down, iiiii.

Sit right down here my friends.
You're just in time for the party to begin.
2000 years are closing in, my time.

Iiiiii, i'll take you I will make you mine, iiiii.

Your just in time, lets take this ride of our lives,
to the edge.
No reason to be seen

No reason for what we see here,
no reason for what we do here.
Still we go on still it's unclear,
No reason to be seen here.

If you know that there's so much more you will.
Find the truth in, inside.

I believe I receive, yes I've seen so many things in my heart,Foolish pride.
I'm tearing down the walls inside.

If you believe you can find it.
Don't hide it.
You can see It.
You can feel it.
All inside your heart.
No more illusions.
I feel that I need the way, the weight of the world hasn't shown me The way.

If you believe it you can find it.
If you believe run and hide itIn your heart.
Find my way
It seems I've travailed down this road before.
It seems that I have seen these things before.
Have I gone around again?

I want to find my way back home,
I feel so alone.

There's been time when I need,
I need to feel to be free, and I know that what I see.Is it really meant to be?

I've got to find my way back home, fade to black never be alone.

Every time I turn, I see it all in front of me.
Every things the same as it was, only in a different degree.

I've got to find my way back home, fade to white never be alone.

Do you really see the way I do?
Do you really feel the way I do?
Will you ever find the truth? I do.

Theirs an answer deep inside,
look towards the greatest divide.
Do you want to see the way?
The choice is yours you can live today.
Break the chains that bind you, hold you down in this world that surrounds you.
Can you really find the truth in this world?
I've been blinded.
The truth will set you free.

Got to find my way back home, don't feel so alone.

I've got to find my way back home,
going to white never be alone.

I've got to find my way back home,
fade from black, NEVER BE ALONE.
From The beginning
A science in the mind.
Asking questions about truth.
Determining factor of love, is it up to me or you?
A striped reaction, and emotional incomplete.
You push me around you knock me off my feet.
I'm torn apart, an incomplete whole.
I can not go on in this world.
I just don't know.

From the beginningI have never seen the way.
From the beginningI just haven't seen the day.

A since of feeling.
Lost and meaningless.
Anticipation of lies and your bitterness.
You loose all matter and turn to face the day.
The shadows that hide your face will keepyour sorrows from today.
A burning question?
Can not really go on.
You try to turn you try to run,You always fall.

I have never seen the light of day.
I wish you could help me to say.
Why do you turn my truth into lies?
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