Released June, 1 1997

Cannot be compared to anything previously marketed. It is filled with diverse instrumentation, ranging from the moving acoustical themes, to powerful rock arrangements, written by a singular artist.
It is the worlds oldest story retold in a poetic, conceptual form that transports the listener from the first melodic hook to the dramatic close.
A complete production in Rock- Operatic form reminiscent ofclassic albums from the past.

One, A Generation of Time VII is a CD made to be listened to in it's entirety. It's more than a recording, it's a journey
Not since Jesus Christ Superstar has there been such an incredible rock opera, but unlike Superstar, ONE is Biblicallysound.

A Generation of Time is magnificent!! It is so well done that even if you did not know beforehand what its themewas, the music itself would tell you. Turn it up, lie back, close your eyes and be taken on a journey through time fromCreation to the final end.

ONE opens with A Creation of Time. From nothingness, different parts are added to start us on this musical sojourn. TimeBegins unfolds with the frenetic energy that must surely have been present at the shaping of our universe. The vocal isalmost a shock after having listened to the two previous instrumental sections. The words capture the bittersweetness theLord must have felt creating Man, knowing that he would fall. Simply by giving man a choice, one man was bound to makethe wrong one.

Whether the passage of Two Thousand Years is the correct interpretation of time or not, Malachi's music represents itwell. Enter The Man, with all his complexities and his dependence. Here is the warning, and then comes Temptation. Itbegins innocently enough, almost gently. When Temptation has a foothold, it adds a little force and strength.

The Lie hangs back a little at first, mixed with truth, and as the man buys into more and more of the lie, less and less truth can beseen. This is so perfectly captured in his music, as is the Blackness and disgust Adam must have felt afterwards. It'srepresented here by an arranged cacophony of gut-wrenching music.

Adam's Cry has wonderful lyrics. "Why did you bring me this woman? Why did I depart from you? Why must I carry this load" No longer innocent, man searches to place blame. This is one of the few cuts from the opera that could standalone as a single. The first death in the Bible. Malachi gives an interesting perspective, that Abel wasn't certain what was happening to himas he breathed his last and his soul departed. Deep. That's a word that could be applied to many parts of this whole. Thisentire album is full of so much insight! The analogy of God's tears and the flood is fresh and effective. Cry with the Lord atthe betrayal we are all guilty of. Lord, let us all be Noah's. The music itself here is fluid, perfect to represent the water andthe tears.

In The End closes out the CD in a fitting fashion. Or does it? Just when you think it's over, track 40(!), the Return of theLord's Light and Glory, is a delightful surprise. This extra-long cut (over ten minutes) sums it all up. "Do you see? Do youfeel the fire? Do you know what your heart desires?"
Is This The End? A good tug at the heart, and a gentle call to action forChristians.

This album is "rated PG", not necessarily because of the notable artwork, but because it may be too emotionally intensefor younger listeners. The music, engineering and production of ONE is superb throughout. This is a CD to be savored, tobe reserved for those occasions that you can lie down with headphones on and do nothing except listen. It's rare that analbum leaves me breathless. ONE has managed to do so.

Paul Gentry, CMCA Staff

ONE A Generation of Time VII Rating ****stars
Looking for some music like nothing you have ever listened to before? Something so full of creativity and originality that itwill captivate you?
A rock opera so masterfully arranged and performed that it is without equal in its genre? Look no furtherthan One, a Seattle artist / writer / composer / producer / arranger / musical jack of all trades.

Malachi, the artist behind the band, masterfully weaves a musical score for the oldest story on Earth, the story of time.Beginning with the creation of time itself, Malachi flows through the familiar stories of the Bible (and in particular, Genesis)- Lucifer's rebellion and fall to earth, the creation of man, Satan's deception of Adam and Eve, the story of Cain and Abel,the Flood, and then the end of time itself.

However familiar the stories may be, though, I guarantee you have never heard them like this before. Malachi usesmusical brilliance to bring the stories to life, even when he does not use words. "A Battle in the Heavens" evokes imagesof a massive clash of wills between Satan and God; "The Lie" veritably drips with evil and disgust as it portrays the serpentdeceiving Adam and Eve into eating from the forbidden tree. "God's Cry" brings to life the emotion God must have felt asHe watched His creation - His beloved people - stray again and again, and "Rain" explodes with the fury of the great Flood- God's response to a world that would not hear His voice.Be forewarned that this is not an album for the faint at heart, not for those who do not appreciate creative artistry in music.

One doesn't fit into any musical category, and certainly doesn't follow the norms of contemporary Christian music. What hedoes is paint a musical portrait that must be listened to in its entirety to be fully appreciated.
Reviewed November 21, 1998 by David Longenecker

One, A Generation of Time VII
Artist: Malachi
Label: Independently Released
Time: 61:02 minutes/41 Tracks (20 empty)

I really enjoy listening to this album. It could possibly be described as a progressive, somewhat symphonic rock and rolljourney. Though my familiarity with bands of this style is limited, I think Pink Floyd could be an influence here. The music iswritten and performed by one person, who simply identifies himself as Malachi. On his web page it says this is Malachi's third album, but it does not give any information about the previous two.The majority of this album, about 45 minutes and 19 track numbers, could be viewed as one long song with manymovements, and begs to be listened to all at once. The general formula is mellow piano/keyboard intros building to rockand roll movements with pleasing male vocals and occasional violins (real or synthesized), which give way to mellow orspacey interludes, which transform back into rock movements. The lyrics, which are included in the booklet, tell the story ofthe Bible from creation to the flood, as in the song, "Time Begins."In the beginning God created the heavens and the earthAnd the earth became void,And darkness fell upon the face of the deep.Covered the land with water,Water to wash away the sin.The first earth age has fallen,The second to begin.Create a new.Give it to the chosen few.Plant the seedAnd watch it grow,In the midst of the beauty below.Give all life to all that breathe,Though in a short time they begin to greed.They make gods before themselves,And in time destroy themselves.Apparently this is the first of seven albums from Malachi, which would probably follow the story of the Bible through fromcover to cover.Tracks 40 and 41 are an intro, a song, and then another song. Although it is obvious that these songs are from the sameartist, they follow a more standard rock and roll song format. The lyrical subject matter also varies from the rest of thealbum. I assume these are the reasons why they were stuck out in space at the end of the disc.One is an enjoyable experience, and I look forward to the next six albums in this series.By Chris King (3/21/99)
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