The benefits of membership.
As an associate you will be invited to quarterly round
table discussions in your field to discuss green
technology and new developments in your fields.
You will also help in discussions that affect your
business and help create outlines for certification criteria
for the following year.

CDCA will be involved with local, state and national
governments to help promote Green criteria in your
specific areas of business.

CDCA offers the go Green card and APP to an unlimited
buying audience about your business.

CDCA will offer a free online quarterly magazine with
discounted add space.

CDCA helps create public awareness about your
business and its commitment to environmentally green
business practices.   

CDCA will have a quarterly online new paper geared
towards the public bringing awareness of up and coming
products and business going green.
Sign up for a "I AM FOR GREEN"
Card and receive discounts
from like minded members