Darwin Certification For the first year an organization can be a member of the association without being certified.

The following year (depending on the nature of the organization and its products) the organization must have 5% of its products certified or
10% of organization certification based on the [Green] standards created by the previous association certification requirements with
increases at 1-5% yearly or bi-yearly depending on the nature of the organization and its products.
Or it must meet a majority of association internal waiver by its peers within the industry and the majority from the directors of the CDCA.

Supply Chain Environmental Certificate Program.
Each process in a product’s life, from creation to end use and disposal or recycling, has an impact on the environment. Our “Supply Chain
environmental Certificate Program” maps out each of these steps and finds ways to make [things] more environmentally friendly and cost-

A certified Charles Darwin Conservation Association (CDCA) ambassador will go through each step in a product’s life, from creation to end
use, creating an environmental impact grading scale giving a final grading certification to the end product.

As a member of the CDCA you can help develop future Certification requirements.
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