Charles Darwin was the world’s first ecologist, and over the last 175 years  the Darwin family has been active in promoting
ecological awareness. Improvement has been very slow, but the recent drastic changes brought about by a small amount
of global warming are becoming evident, so momentum and consensus is starting to build. We are finally becoming aware
of just how much we affect the environment around us.
Large corporations, for whom the dollar was the only thing of importance, are realizing the real costs of the things they do,
and are starting to change. Governments and political parties, which used to concern themselves purely with short-term
economics and ideology, are starting to think about long-term economic health, which necessarily includes environmental

The CDCA encourages/promotes rapid adoption of more sustainable practices by certifying individuals and organizations
that adopt the best ones. We understand that it is extremely important the Association is not only seen to be, but is in fact,
objective and impartial.
To this end, certification is by invitation only, and is offered only after an extensive checklist and interview process. This
process varies depending on the industry the individual or organization is engaged in.

Certification assures the buying public that any “green” claims made by individuals and organizations have been
independently verified by a disinterested third party, and are not based on misguided ideas or just some marketing ploy.
The CDCA also independently monitors certified [individuals and organizations] to ensure that they continue to use
sustainable methods: CDCA certification is not a static, one-time award. The CDCA reserves the right to remove individuals
and organizations from the association at any time.
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