Before they where stars and you knew their names, they
where just young musicians trying to make a mark and play
to a crowd, any crowd. The late sixties where a time of a
great awakening, a change was in the air, and the industry
was changing.

The age of Rock N Roll was hitting puberty with a new group
of players, sound and style with many desperate to play any

This is the story of the man that built that stage.

In the then still wild west of North West America a Promoter
named Boyd Grafmyre built that stage in a farm field outside
of Seattle Washington. The band list is legendary and would
become the greatest live musical line up concert in history.

Seattle POP Festival was a three day event consisting of
over 30 of the greatest bands of all time.

“The World Was His Stage” is a new film directed by
The Artist ONE this film takes you on a journey of one last
concert from the man who helped more Rock n Roll legends
then anyone.

This film is history in the making as we travel the globe
meeting with all the living legends Boyd has worked with in
the past, paying respect to the families and memories of
the greatest musicians of all time
“The World Was His Stage” is a new documentary film set to be released in
the fall of 2015. This film can only be called the last of its kind and you can
be a part of making it happen.

We have created some of the best product and marketing opportunities in
the business. Not only reaching millions of viewers when the movie is
released, but getting your product in the hands of the true talent that
changed the face of music.

How can we do this? Each time the interview takes place the artist receives
a “Grafmyre” gift bag. Boyd has been known in the business as the “Giving
Promoter” Just ask Led Zeppelin when he paid for a week vacation in
Hawaii during the early years or maybe the band Chicago when he gave
them the extra cash to fix the van.

This is what it is all about